We produce a variety of farm products in keeping with our philosophy that every component on the farm works together synergistically.  For example, our livestock graze and improve our pastures and eat any excess from our harvests. The hay is then used to feed the livestock in the winter, mulch our gardens and feed mushrooms.  The manure and the hay are used to produce compost that will nurture the gardens the next season.

Vegetables and Fruits:  We have planned a variety of produce, keeping in mind simple recipe ideas when planning harvest times so that things that grow together will go together on your dinner table!  We use no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers when growing your food.  We nourish our crops with compost and fermented plants grown on our farm (nettle and comfrey).  

Meat: The livestock we raise live in large natural rotational enclosures with lots of room to roam and to forage.

Eggs:  We breed our chickens to have the prettiest egg colours (just because pretty eggs make us happy every time we open a carton).  Our chickens are housed in our growing apple orchard where they forage for bugs and improve the health of our fruit trees.  

Maple:  We farm only a very small percentage of our land.  Much of the property is forested, including stands of mature maples.  We tap a small part of this forest to make small batch, intensely flavoured, artisanal maple syrup on our wood fired evaporator.   

Flowers:  Deep organic farming practices encourage beneficial insects to prevent damage from predators by maintaining balance.  Flowers provide habitat for beneficial insects and pollinators and beauty in our gardens.  We have planned a rainbow of continuously blossoming colours throughout the season to be enjoyed as a special treat in your weekly farm share for you or someone you love.

Herbs:  This humble group of plants are not only so highly flavourful that they take any meal to the next level, they also play an important role in maintaining health through the phytochemicals and antioxidants that they produce.  We have a selection of flavour-packed herbs to complement whatever is on your weekly menu.